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Driven: Bio

Driven is Steve Lentz, Brad Martens,and Jason Garbacz. They have released four CDs; Optimism Kills, Wreckage, Minor Mirrors, and Forced Light. The CDs are full-length releases. The music is characteristic of rock/progressive rock. With strong melody lines and big guitar, keyboard sounds the band has found a sound of their own. The lyrics are relate to past experiences and feelings of society.

Jason Garbacz is the bass player and has several years of experience. Steve Lentz is the guitarist and has many years of live performances throughout the Midwest. Brad Martens is the drummer and keyboardist and has been playing for several years. All three members sing lead and back-up vocals at various times.

The members of Driven joined forces in 1994 while working together in a band with various musicians. Jason and Brad have been working together since their high school days. Steve came along during in the early stages of the band’s development in 1994. After several years of doing cover tunes, Jason, Brad, and Steve decided to form Driven and write and record their own music. With nearly the same background is musical interest, the combination works well, and they have produced their own sound. They recorded Optimism Kills in the winter of 1998-99 and released in that spring. They then recorded Wreckage in the winter of 1999-2000 and released it early 2000(re-released 2004). They released their third CD, Minor Mirrors, in Dec., 2006. They released their fourth CD, Forced Light, March 28. 2013 Their music has been featured on radio stations WIBA Fm 101.5 in Madison, Wi, The Fox97 in Neenah/Menasha, Wi, and KTST Fm in Orange County, California, on the show Rockwired. They have done live interviews on these stations also. Their music has also been featured on the internet receiving Track of the Day at three times with the songs; Let it Go On and Wreckage. These songs are from the CD Wreckage. The band has been featured as Artist of the Day on several times. The band shot a live video, which was featured on from September through December of 2004. In September 2006, Driven was inducted into the Independent Artist Registry (I.A.R.) (www.independentartistregistry,com/driven) out of several thousand bands across the Midwest United States. Right now the band has just released their fourth CD, Forced Light.

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