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Driven: Music

Somewhere Behind Us

March 1, 2013
Steve Lentz, Brad Martens
Gigging in Wisconsin in the middle of January can be a challenge. This snog came to Steve as he was driving home from a gig. It was 4 in the morning and there was not a soul out and about and in a moonlit night after a freezing rain images started to show up in the light of the moon. Lyrics: Steve Lentz
Driving into another pouring rain
Never know how much of me is sane
Hear some noises looking for a beat
Blood is rushing can you feel the heat

And when the night presses on, we won't fall...left somewhere behind us
If we run from the night hear the call..left somewhere behind us
In a time of a life miss or fall..left somewhere behind us
When the night passes on we won't fall..left somewhere behind us

{verse 2)
Broken down defenses on the roadside
It all looks the same in the heart of the night
Eyes glaring over running out inside
Fight or flight my tensions seem alright


(verse 3)
Fall a sleep at the wheel while I try to drive
Passing out for a second life goes by
Tomorrows here a moonlit sky
Images around me up so high